The Woman Who Wasn't There: What counts as truth?

The Woman Who Wasn’t There presents what some critics claim as a fresh new twist on a September 11th film. Instead of reliving the experience, and looking back in remembrance, director Angelo Guglielmo chooses to focus on one particular woman’s miraculous experience on that day, and the journey following that slowly unraveled her tale. The revealing title, and ironic story line take the audience through the journey of Tania Head’s peers slowing discovering her secret.

Through numerous critical sources and evidence from the film itself, Guglielmo discovers what counts as ‘truth’ and to whom. The film portrays Head’s story as honesty as she speaks, but with the blunt title, it is clear that she is fabricating the truth. The director acts on this stylistic choice to take an ironic standpoint on the discussion of truth.

The exhibit is broken into three sections:

  • Reviews: Opinions on The Woman Who Wasn't There
  • Criticism: Insight into the Stylistic Choices made in The Woman Who Wasn't There from Film Experts
  • Analysis: Two Opposing Sequences in the Film that Build Up the Truth and then Take it Apart

I hope you find this exhibit stimulating and insightful. Explore and Enjoy!


Hannah Curtis